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  Watch the different chapters of Limo Anywhere come to life within the video collection. These video compilations will not only guide you through system set-up, but will provide you with step-by-step guidance as you learn how each part of the system works.   Open the folders below to access hunderds of knowledged-base tutorials compiled by Limo Anywhere staff. The articles are very detailed and will prepare you for daily activity.   Join a 60-minute live seminar with one of our instructors. We provide two classes daily, Monday through Friday. The sessions are hosted via Join.ME (online meeting software) and telephone. You may join a session at any time, though if no one shows within 10 minutes from the start time the class will be cancelled.  
  System Updates Settle
  Getting Started Receivables
  Company Settings Payables
  Company Resources Reports
Rate Management Memos
  List Management General Information
  Custom Forms Add-on Modules
  Accounts Driver Anywhere
  Quotes DA Network
  Calendar LA Net
  Reservations PCI Compliance
  Dispatch Website & Email Setup
LA101 - Initial Setup
  1. My Office (excluding Vehicle Types and Rate Management tab)
  2. LA Net
  3. Memos
  4. Files
  5. Tools
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LA201 - Running Your System
  1. Accounts
  2. Reservations
  3. Dispatch
  5. Calendar
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LA301 - Rates and Administration
  1. Vehicle Types
  2. System Rate Manager
  3. Fixed Rates
  4. Promos
  5. Miscellaneous Fees
  6. Settle
  7. Receivables
  8. Payables
  9. Reports
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